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Did your dryer stop working?

Is it not getting the job done right?

There's no reason to put up with it, especially when the phone book in Los Angeles CA contains so many dryer repair companies. As a top dryer repair business, we know the importance of being quick and effective. Our business have established a long list of happy clients because we provide an effective solution for those in need of dryer repair in Los Angeles CA.

What is it that we do differently? Not much, but we do everything right. We make an appointment, send a licensed technician to your home, diagnose the problem, and create a written estimate for the dryer parts and labor. We attempt to get dryer parts in Los Angeles CA at a discount, but the estimate factors pricing in accordance to the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide.

Once everything is determined, our technician heads out to get the dryer parts and returns promptly to get the job done. Six days a week we are on hand to get the job done - and trust us, we do get the job done. It's why we are so highly viewed in the Los Angeles CA area when it comes to appliance repair. No dryer repair job has proven to be an issue, regardless of the size, brand, model, part, or any other variable. Of course there are some machines that are beyond repair, and we determine this before making you waste money on countless dryer parts while obliviously trying to find a solution just to make money.

We are who you can trust when it comes to dryer repair in Los Angeles CA. So give us a call, you'll be happy if you do.

Helpful tip

It's great that you're cleaning out your dryer's lint trap every time you use your dryer. However, it's not actually enough. You should periodically take out the lint trap and actually clean it with soap and water. The lint trap doesn't just accumulate physical lint. Wax-like substances can accumulate and get stuck in the lint screen. It just takes a little scrubbing with soapy water to remedy this issue. The end result will be a longer life and higher efficiency for the dryer.

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